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Weather & Climate

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The Bay Islands are known for their outstanding climate.The average yearly rain fall is 100 inches (254 cm), creating a lush green tropical island paradise all year round.

Utila - Average Annual Temperatures

Average Utila Annual Temperatures

The average annual temperature is 85°F (29°C), and ranges from the upper 80's during the Summer months and the low 80's during the Winter months (November - February). The occasional cold front sweeps through the island, generally 3-4 times a year, dropping the temperature into the high 60's (18-20°C) for a few days. Humidity is high for most of the year round, but is most noticeable during the summer months, especially May through to September.

Utila Average Annual Sunshine & Rainfall

Average Utila sunshine hours and rainfall

The Utila "rainy season" begins around October and usually lasts through until January, with the highest rainfall levels averaging just over 600 mm (approx 24 inches) in December down to under 100 mm (less than 4 inches) over the summer months. We can often go for weeks without rain during summer, so an occasional tropical downpour often comes as a welcome change to the endless hours of sunshine.

Being close to the equator, daylight hours (sunrise to sunset) varies from approximately 11:15 hrs in December to 13:30 hrs in August, and with sunny breaks in the weather during the rainy season Utila experiences a high degree of sunshine all year round.

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature

The off-shore sea temperatures  surrounding the tropical island of Utila normally vary between 27°C - 31°C (81°F - 88°F), providing a very pleasant all year-round swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving environment.

3.5mm shorty wetsuits are recommended for scuba divers, but often, especially during the summer months, wetsuits are not necessary, even with long dive bottom times.

There is a personal Weather Station at the Utila Lodge where the weather is currently being measured as;

Weather Underground PWS Utila Lodge

Detailed information recorded by this Weather Station is shown below;

Our closest weather station with forecasts is on the nearby island of Roatan where the weather is currently;

Click for Roatan, Honduras Forecast

Sunrise/Sunset and Moon Rise/Moon Set are the same as the nearby island of Roatan.

Click for Roatan, Honduras Forecast

National Hurricane Centre Logo

Check out www.nhc.noaa.gov the USA National Weather Advisory Centre for the latest Hurricane & Tropical Storm situation.

The Atlantic hurricane season is officially from 1 June to 30 November. There is nothing magical in these dates, and hurricanes have occurred outside of these six months, but these dates have been selected to encompass over 97% of tropical activity.

The Atlantic basin shows a very peaked season from August through October, with 78% of the tropical storm days, 87% of the minor hurricane days, and 96% of the major hurricane days occurring then.

Maximum activity is in early to mid September.

Rainfall for 2004, (recorded at the Utila Iguana Station)

Utila Rainfall 2004