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El Castillio - Bar & Restaurant

Pool Table
Try your hand at pool
El Castillio - Bar Restaurant
After dive drinks in the Irish Pub

An Irish Pub with a Vietnamese Chef. El Castillio is the only authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Honduras combined with the first Irish Pub together creates a magical combination of good fun and excellent food and drinks!

Built from local stone (or cliff rock as it is known in Utila) and covered with a terracotta tiled roof, El Castillio is a unique building in Utila with open archway walls on all sides of the building permitting a refreshing breeze to circulate through the building.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 5:00pm till Midnight
Seating Capacity:


Food Type:


Thai curried chicken
Thai red curry chicken

Vietnamese and Thai

Vietnamese cooking varies throughout the regions. The food of the north, through stir-fries and noodle-based soups, shows the heavy influence of Chinese cooking. The middle section, with the former Imperial capitol, Hue, at its center, has an abundance of fresh produce. It was in Hue that royal chefs developed the more elaborate dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. The southern region is tropical, sustaining rice paddies, coconut groves, and many more spices than the north. French colonization of Vietnam, which began in the 16th century and ended in the middle of the 20th century, also had a deep influence on Vietnamese cooking.

Most meals include a soup, a stir-fry, and another main dish. Often, a light salad with shrimp or beef and vegetables will accompany the meal. Like the Chinese, the Vietnamese eat from a bowl with chopsticks. Vietnamese cooking is generally not as rich or heavy as the coconut milk curries, of, say, Thailand or India.

Fish and seafood are central to many recipes. Other meats -- pork, beef, and chicken -- are also common, but in smaller quantities. Vegetables are often left raw, especially in the south, to act as a fresh contrast to the spicy cooked meat. The distinct flavors of Vietnamese food come primarily from: mint leaves, coriander, lemon grass, shrimp, fish sauces (nuoc nam and nuoc cham), star anise, ginger, black pepper, garlic, basil, rice vinegar, sugar, and green onions. Many flavorful marinades are made by some combination of these flavorings. Marinated meat or fish is quickly saut?d in the wok and served with an array of raw vegetables and herbs. All this may be eaten over rice or rolled in a rice-paper wrapper or lettuce leaf (or both), then dipped into a pungent sauce.

Thai cooking is very different than modern western cooking. Where in western cooking (particularly baking) ingredients are measured exactly, Thai cooking is much more lenient. In Thai cooking there are four flavors: sour, sweet, creamy and salty. Heat sits on top of the four flavors. The secret of a good dish is the right balance of the flavors -- you will find that there are "sweet spots" where the flavor just tastes right.

Typical Meal Prices:


  • Pork Spring Roll served with Chinese cabbage, mint and coriander
  $US 3.00

Main Course

  • Red Thai Curry with fresh vegetables served with rice
$US 7.00
  • Mixao - Shrimp & Chicken cooked in a red ginger sauce served on a birds nest of crispy noodles and fresh vegetables
  $US 9.00
  • Bo Bum- Tender Beef cooked with fresh soya beans, coriander, served with Thai stick noodles & homemade fish sauce
  $US 7.00


  • Banana Flamb?/li>
  $US 3.00
Typical Drink Prices: $US 1.00 - 3.00

The Bar has a full range of International Beers from Honduras, Holland, Germany, Belgium and of course, the essential Irish Black Stuff - Guinness!!!

Restaurant Facilities: Indoor Seating, Pool Table, Dartboard, Board Games

There are weekly Pool & poker tournaments. We also have live music every second weekend

Location: Western Path - Sandy Bay.

From Utila Municipal Dock, turn left along the main street and walk for approximately 10 minutes towards Sandy Bay, go past the Utila Fire Station, Community Clinic and then turn right at the UltraLight Cafe. El Castillio is on the right hand side of Western Path by the entrance to Colibri Hill Resort, 1 minute walk from the UltraLight Cafe.

Contact Information
Tel:  Cell/Mobile: +(504) 338 3325
El Castillio Bar Restaurant
Our authentic Irish Bartender

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