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Beautiful Oceans - Ecotourism - Coral Reef Biology

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Beautiful Oceans Utila August 2007 Brochure

Beautiful Oceans is a Ecotourism organization which specializes in offering Coral Reef biology Scuba Diving and Snorkeling vacations at various Caribbean Islands. Beautiful Oceans are now offering a complete Utila Ecotourism Vacation package (including travel, accommodations, scuba diving/snorkeling, and courses), or you can just take one of their courses if you already happen to be in Utila.

Beautiful Oceans

Beautiful Oceans is an Ecotourism organization which specializes in offering Coral Reef biology Scuba Diving and Snorkeling vacations at various Caribbean Islands together with Coral Reef biology courses and certifications. Founded by two scuba divers with a passion for reef conservation and marine sciences, Beautiful Oceans has grown to become one of the leading Ecotourism organizations specializing in coral reef biology.

Passionate about Eco-diving through the voluntary adoption of environmentally sound practices by scuba divers, snorkelers, dive businesses and other stakeholders that share a common interest in the preservation of marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass beds, Beautiful Oceans has developed close ties with organizations directly engaged in coral reef conservation.

Beautiful Oceans donates 10% of its profits, or 1% of its annual revenue, whichever is greater, to projects of coral reef preservation. The organization also provides free access to their courses for local island school children in conjunction with established Beautiful Oceans Science Centers.

Utila Dive Center

Utila Dive Centre was created in 1991 as an adventure diving outpost, located in Utila, the smallest and least developed of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Today, the Centre is owned and operated by a team of young instructors and diving enthusiasts.

Utila Dive Centre was the first dive school and dedicated full service facility in Utila and after years of growth and hard work, Utila Dive Centre is now a PADI Gold Palm Resort and Career Development Center, a National Geographic Dive Center, and the first and only DSAT and IANTD Technical Diving facility in Central America.

With over 2000 diver certifications per year and more than 120 Scuba Instructor certifications per year, Utila Dive Center has been awarded the most prestigious rewards for outstanding contribution to the diving industry.

Utila Dive Center is committed to coral reef conservation and has initiated the Utila Center for Marine Ecology - a scientific research and conservation outpost contributing to the preservation of local coral reefs and educating divers and snorkelers about the coral reef ecosystem, its fauna and flora.

Ideal for novice and experienced scuba divers & snorkelers alike, Beautiful Oceans have partnered with Utila Dive Center to offer the following courses and certifications;

Both courses provide in-water tools for finding and observing coral reef organisms while specifically designed dive slates allow to apply knowledge in-water and to check off organism behaviors that have been successfully observed.

Apart from the ability to scuba dive or snorkel, no initial scientific training or biology experience is necessary, just an interest to understand and learn more about life on the coral reef. Each course is accompanied with the highest quality course materials, including underwater slates containing tools that help to better understand coral reefs and the behavior of coral reef fauna and flora. At the successful completion of your course you will be awarded the corresponding title with certification card.

Beautiful Oceans believe, and most experienced scuba divers would agree, that your scuba diving and snorkeling activities are significantly enhanced from a deeper understanding of marine biology coupled with the ability to recognize, identify and understand the behavior of underwater flora and fauna. The various courses offered by Beautiful Oceans Science Center at Utila Dive Center are designed to be appropriate for novice, through advanced, to instructor level scuba divers and snorkelers, with course durations ranging from 1 day to 1 week.

Utila can be truly proud to also be the first island in the Western Caribbean to have obtained the Beautiful Oceans Science Instructor Development Center rating. Under the guidance of Andy Philips of the Utila Dive Center, certified diving professionals can become independent Beautiful Oceans Science Instructors or set up coral reef biology adventures through their established dive center.

What others say ....

"This new venture provides a good introduction to coral reefs... I certainly learned things from it, and I've been diving for over 20 years, have a biology degree... " - Jill Studholme, Editor, SCUBA News, Scubatravel.co.uk

"I'm hooked, can't wait till the next course comes out." - John, Scuba Diver, Oakton, Virginia.

"I'm being absolutely honest in saying that I've never been more impressed with a training program to come out of the diving community." - Dr. Alex Brylske Vice President of Educational Development at ProDive International, Florida and Senior Editor, Dive Training Magazine at DEMA, 2006.

To learn more about Beautiful Oceans Eco-Adventures, visit their website at www.beautifuloceans.com or inquire at your local Utila dive shop.