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HQ TV Logo - Click to enlarge

Utilas' only local television channel providing the entire island of Utila with daily news, publicity, religious shows, sports, and other live programming. Founded by Johnny Hinds, his wife Carmela Quinn Hinds and with the help of their two children Dennis and Sherryl Hinds, HQ TV began broadcasting through the Utila television cable system on 5th November 2001 with the intention of keeping the community informed about the daily occurrences on the island of Utila.

The most recent HQ TV nightly news episodes are now available to view at UPStream TV

All our web videos are in Microsoft WMV format

Shelby McNab - Click to enlargeShelby McNab

Shelby, a local Utilian, hosts a nightly live local news show on HQ TV 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday with a round up of the daily news and interviews about events in Utila. Click on the photo for a full size picture, or click on the links below to view the HQ TV Station Identification video.

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Iglesia de la Profesia - click to enlargeIglesia de Dios de la Profecia (Church of Prophesy)

The Church of the Prophesy of Christ based in Campanado Utila hosts this 3 nights a week television show, (in Spanish) broadcast from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, preaching the Gospel and prophesies of Christ. Click one of the links below to view the promotional announcement for this show.

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Street Repairs - click to enlarge23-May-2005   Street Repairs in Sandy Bay

Interviewer & Cameraman - Dolfito Miralda

In the run-up to the November Mayor elections, it has been decided to repair the main cement road in the Sandy Bay neighborhood providing much need temporary employment to the local youth. Fidi and Alex are interviewed about the project. Watch what they have to say.

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Orca Killer Whales - click to enlarge15-May-2005 Orca Killer Whales sighted off Raggedy Cay
Cameraman - Raul Jackson, Reporting by Cheryl Jones

Raul was filming the Orca's by holding the camera underwater at the back of the dive boat, a great shot of two orca's going by, then all of a sudden another Killer Whale almost butt's the camera out of his hand. Turn up the volume to hear the comments from the scuba divers on the boat. Read Cheryl Jones report.

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Whale Shark - click to enlarge1-May-2005 Whale Shark head-butts boat propeller
Cameraman - Daniel Cain
With all the recent talk of how boats are a danger to Whale Sharks, this video taken by Daniel Cain of Funky Fat Fish Productions shows a Whale Shark cruising up to a boat and head-butting the stationary propeller.

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Hal Whitefield - click to enlarge20-Apr-2005   Hal Whitefield Speaks Out

Interviewer & Cameraman - Dolfito Miralda

Hal complains about the tourist and dive boats crowding around the Whale Sharks and making it too difficult for local Utila fisherman to catch bonito bait fish. He also complains about the Dive Shops taking water taxi and Utila Cays trips away from local fisherman. Watch what he has to say.

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Dr John - click to enlarge12-Apr-2005   Woman injured last week while diving with Whale Sharks
Interviewer & Cameraman - Dolfito Miralda

Last week a woman sustained a broken leg and a 10cm gash to her leg while diving with Whale Sharks, hear what Dr John has to say about the incident.

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Bill Bodden - click to enlarge16-Mar-2005   Bill Bodden Speaks Out

Bill Bodden was put in jail this week for sweeping and burning rubbish in his yard, he says. Bill was very unhappy about this and spoke to HQ TV about the episode. Watch what he has to say.

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HQ TV History

Long before HQ TV, one of the ways information was communicated to the islanders was via a chalk board placed in the centre of the town and any information that people wanted to pass onto the community was written on the board. The other method used was for two youngsters to march or walk through the town with a band beating a drum while the read out the notices. We noticed that, especially during the rainy season, there was problems with the chalkboard being washed clean and also youngsters did not like to go out in the rain beating their drums. So at times the community did not get the information they wanted on what was going on.

This lead to the idea to create HQ TV so that the people of Utila could have the benefit of keeping up-to-date with current events from the comfort of their own homes.

We also know that there is a great number of Utilians living abroad, in the United States and other parts of the World who would like to keep up with the news and goings-on in Utila. Towards this end we aim to add 3-5 minute video clips to this web page each day from the Shelby News Hour. Keep checking back to this web page to see how we are doing.


Opening Hours: 24 hour programming
Office hours: Sun. - Thurs. 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM; Fri.: 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM
Location: From the Municipal Dock walk for about 5 minutes up Cola de Mico Road towards the Mango Inn .HQ TV is on the left hand side of the road above a Pulperia and just before the old Indian Well.
Contact Information
Name: Johnny & Carmela Hinds
Tel: + (504) 425 3357    Fax: + (504) 425 3357
Email: [email protected]

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