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Iguana Research & Breeding Station

Iguana Station Building - Click to enlarge
Iguana Station Building ©IRBS
Male Swamper Iguana - Click to enlarge
Male Swamper Iguana  ©IRBS

The Iguana Station, a short walk away from Utila Town’s main road, plays a crucial role in the conservation of the endemic island’s iguana species Ctenosaura bakeri, called ‘Swamper’ or ‘Wishiwilli’.

Worldwide the Swamper inhabiting only the mangrove swamps of Utila, an area less than 10 square kilometers. This fascinating animal is endangered, threatened by unsustainable development of the mangroves and beaches, to where the females go to lay their eggs, by over-hunting as well as by increasing pollution.

The Iguana Station’s efforts are focused upon understanding the natural history of the Swamper with different scientific research. A breeding program supports the population in the mangroves, more than 750 hatchlings were already breaded and released. We also have an environmental education program in the schools of Utila and support a sustainable development and tourism. Much of our work here in Utila is undertaken by volunteers from all over the world who have joined our Volunteers Program.

Visitors to the station are given a full tour explaining the habits of this endangered species, as well as getting an overview of general Utilian wildlife. You will have opportunity to see the Swamper in different ages as well as the Highlander Iguana and the Green Iguana.

We also offer four different tours of Utila island from Rock Harbour, Iron Bound and Pumpkin Hill, (3 persons minimum)

Opening Hours:





Iguana Station Breeding Cages - Click to enlarge
Iguana Cages at the Station

The exhibition is open from:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 2-5pm

Tuesday: 8am & 11am and from 2pm & 4:30pm (only on days with cruise ships)

Please contact us for different arrangements: [email protected].

40 Lempira (approx $US 2.20) for non-Hondurans,
20 Lempira for Hondurans and children
School and student groups (10 or more persons) pay 15 Lempira per person.
All donations go to the station upkeep and swamper protection.

Location: From Utila Municipal Dock, turn left into the main street towards Sandy Bay to the Utila Fire Station. At the Utila Fire Station, turn right and walk for around 10 minutes up the hill, past the Catholic Church and Roses Inn & Apartments. Take the road behind the closed 'Hennessey's Bar' on the left into the 'Iguana Road'. Then you reach the Iguana Station after ca. 300 m on the left hand side of the road.
Contact Information
Name: Helder Perez - Director Iguana Research and Breeding Station
Tel: +(504) 425 3946
Web: www.utila-iguana.de

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