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Iguana Research & Breeding Station - Volunteers Program

Local Utila Schoolchildren - Click to enlarge
Local school children receiving environmental education from volunteers at the Iguana Station ©IRBS
Volunteer in Utila Carnaval - Click to enlarge
Volunteers participating in Utila’s annual Carnaval, carrying advertisement and conservation slogans ©IRBS

The Iguana Research and Breeding Station invites you to join our Volunteers Program.

By joining this program you will contribute to protect Utila’s endemic ‘swamper’ iguana, other wildlife and there habitats. You will be participating in daily activities, such as: feeding the iguanas and watching over there general welfare, go out in the field for scientific programs, giving guided tours around our visitor center and cages, working for the community, among much others.

Also get to know the island through our work trips and our tours to the north side of the island: Iron Bound, Rock Harbor, Pumpkin Hill and interesting caves.

Volunteers releasing iguanas - Click to enlarge
5 volunteers getting ready to release juvenile ‘swamper’ iguanas in their natural mangrove habitat ©IRBS
Preparing for Utila Carnaval - Click to enlarge
Volunteers preparing for Utila’s annual Carnaval,©IRBS

The minimum stay is 3 weeks and there is a monthly fee of 100 euros for foreigners and 100 lempiras for Hondurans, plus paying your travel and living expenses.

We seek people interested in nature conservation, starting at 18 years old and must be able to speak english, to be able to communicate with the foreign volunteers (mostly Europeans) and the project director. Bring lots of desire to work and learn!

If you are interested, reserve your spot writing to our volunteer coordinator or directly to the station .

Also check out our main web site which has much more information at www.utila-iguana.de

Iguana Breeding Enclosures - Click to enlarge
Our Iguana Breeding Enclosures ©IRBS

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