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Utila News Archive - January 2005

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27-Jan-2005 Notice

The community of Utila wishes to express sincere appreciation to Dr Loretta Potts and friends for giving up a great part of their dive vacation time to serve our pets.

Thank you most kindly!

The Utila Public

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26-Jan-2005 Aviso

Se avisa a todos los personas de la Islas de Utila, que ya esto atendtendo La Dra. Sonia Sarmiento en casa de Miss Carleen Muňoz, desde Hoy 26 de enero en adelante.

Precio de la consulta L 150.00

Abteojos desde L 500.00 en adelante

Los esperomos.

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26-Jan-2005 Instituto "Adventista Utila"

El kinder, Escuela e Instutito Adventista Anuncia la apertura para el aňo escolar 2005:

Fecha: Lunes 7 de ferero

Hore: 8:00 am

Lugar: Instituto Adventista

Las clases formales darán inicio el martes 8 de febrero a las 7:00 am

"Apresurate a matricularte todabia hay oportunidad"

Educar es redimir

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26-Jan-2005 UPCO Price Jumps Again - by Troy Bodden

      “The electricity price is too high and the people of Utila want to lower it,” said Troy Bodden Sr., owner of Utila Water Sports.  Many islanders agree.  Lance Bodden, Dennie Bush, Agusto Reyes, Patrick Flynn, and Julio Bardo are leaders in the protest to lower the electricity price on Utila.

     According to UPCO (Utila Power Company) on Wednesday Jan. 26 about 10% of the islanders turned off their power in protest, hoping that UPCO would lower the price of a kilowatt hour.  The lights were shut off from 9AM till 12PM.

     Until May 2003 , ENEE (Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica) was the power company on Utila. It charged L.1 per KWH . When UPCO took its place it started out charging L 2.50 per KWH. Since then the price has gone up four times, “because of rising prices of fuel,” said Ricardo Flores, current manager of UPCO. The most recent UPCO price rose from L 4.05 to L5.80 per KWH because the tariff went up for the second time.

     “We have people to pay,” said Flores, when asked, “Why does the price have to be so high?”

     “They promised to buy wind generators and have not,” said Lance Bodden, owner of a bike repair shop.  “They promised the people would be able to afford the electricity, and they have not yet come through with those promises.”

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25-Jan-2005 Happy Birthday Ciara

You are a great joy in our lives and we love you more than anything.

Your our beautiful baby doll.

Happy 6th Birthday Ciara

Love Dad, Mom, Douglas and Destini

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24-Jan-2005 UPCO - Reward

Anyone who reports a household or a business that is found to be stealing kilowatts from UPCO will receive a reward of 2,000 Lempira. You will remain anonymous.

Contact the UPCO office or phone 425 3890


Help UPCO keep your kilowatt price down.

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22-Jan-2005 Come and get your Dogs & Cats neutered for FREE!!

There will be a vet on the island working at the BICD conference room from the 23rd - 28th of January.

Below is the schedule:

Sunday 23rd: Set-up

Monday 24th: FREE Spay & Neuter Clinic

Tues AM 25th: Continue Spay & Neuter if needed

Wed PM 26th: Wellness Clinic

Friday AM 28th: Wellness Clinic and Spay/Neuter follow-up

Come and get your dog registered and get a FREE Utila dog or cat tag on Wednesday. We will also have a supply of Front Line & Heart Guard for Sale.

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21-Jan-2005 Internet Promotion

High-speed DSL Internet in your home or business as low as $US 199.00 installed, $US 60.00 monthly.

Come find out more on Tues & Wed Jan 25/26 at our tent on the main road near Captain Morgan's.

Tropico Telephone & Internet


Promocion de Internet

Acceso al Internet de alta velocidad por DSL en su Casa o su empresa desde $199.00 instalado y $60.00 mensual.

Estaremos en la calle principal el Martes y Miercoles, 25/26 de Enero, cerca de Captain Morgan's.

Tropico Telephone & Internet

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Utilians Buzz Over Cruise Ship - by Destiny Cooper

About 150 people from the cruise ship Windsurf visited Utila on Tuesday, Jan. 18, an arrival which had the whole island buzzing.

     Many Utilians are pleased while others are fearful the tourists from the cruise ship, called cruseros, will bring unwanted change to the island.

     "I think it's good," said Maritza Bodden , who runs a small grocery store. "The only reason people don't like it is because it's the first time it (the ship) has come and they have to get used to it."

     Many of the people went walking around the island sightseeing and going into local stores such as Bush's Supermarket. A few locals had souvenirs for sale like bags and T-shirts with Utila on them. Some went on jet skis and others went horseback riding.

     While the people from the cruise ship appeared to be enjoying themselves, a few Utilians were less than thrilled.

     While several local businesses hoped to profit from the sudden rush of tourists, it seemed only Utila Dive Center was able to rent snorkeling and

scuba gear.

     Everyone who came ashore had to pay $3 per person, money that will be used for road maintenance.

     The cruise ship, a member of the Windstar company, is on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. The ship sails from Cozumel, Mexico, with stops in Puerto Cortes, Omoa, West End and Utila, in Honduras, and Belize City. The ship carries 350 passengers and will stop in Utila every Tuesday for the next six weeks.

     Some young people are optimistic about the cruise ships coming to Utila.  "Change has to happen," said Chloe Chirinos, 15. "There is no sense in staying one step behind when the rest of the world is moving forward."

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20-Jan-2005 Teens Try to Change Law - by Troy Bodden

      Many teenagers wanted to change the driving age on Utila and they failed. The law says a driver has to be 18 or older to drive, and the teenagers wanted to change the age limit to 15.

      Until late 2002 kids of all ages could drive motorcycles. However there was an accident involving an underaged driver named William Howell who hit a child.  After the accident underaged kids could not drive anymore.

      Jem Williams Jr. led 24 teenagers into a meeting with the mayor at his dive shop in mid-November. They told him they wanted permission to drive motorcycles. The mayor offered to let three people out of the group speak with the governor.

      They spoke with him and they were rejected.  Everyone was disappointed.

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20-Jan-2005 Aviso

Venta de Ropa

El Domingo 23 de Enero

habran cajas nuevas en la casa de Mae Ebanks

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19-Jan-2005 Moving Sale

Pat & Debi Tomlinson's

Rocky Hill

Everything must go!!

Fri, Jan 21 -> ????

8:00 am until 5:00 pm each day

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19-Jan-2005 Unidad Nacionalista
Invitamos al pueblo en general a nuestra gran concentracion: "Unidad Nacionalista" este Domingo 23 de Enero a las 2:00 pm en Bar in the Bush Movimiento Nuevo Tiempo para Utila. Richard Del Olmo

We're inviting all the people in general to the great "National Unity" campaign.
January Sunday 23 at 2:00 pm at Bar in the Bush
New Time Movement for Utila Richard Del Olmo

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18-Jan-2005 Utila Methodist Community College and School
Announces the continuation of pre-matriculation!
Place: UMCC
Time: 8 am - 11 am
Days: Wednesday, January 19 - Friday, January 21

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17-Jan-2005 Wisdom's Paradise Bilingual School

A great choice for a successful education!
Nursery, Pre-Kinder, Kinder and 1st Grade.
Schedule: 8:00 to 11:00 am
Tutoring for Primary: 1:00pm to 4:00 pm
Registration Open from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Monday - Thursday

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14-Jan-2005 Church of God
Why don't you make plans to come to our Y.P.E. service every Tuesday Night at the Church of God.
Every Tuesday night a different group Captain has something planned for everyone. Entertainment for all ages. Fun and educational games for the kids, treats - prizes.You never know what they have planned for you.
So come on out and find out what we're doing
It's a great place to learn with the children all about Jesus.
So you're welcome to drop by anytime ....
The Church of God

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13-Jan-2005 Vendo
Una cuna grande con gavetero al lado y gavetas abajo.
Un closet con ters puertas y espejo.
llamar al Tel: 425 3941

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Happy Birthday Abner Nathanial

The day you were born a dream came true. And from that day forward you've brought so much joy to those whose lives you've touched. On this day we celebrate having you in our lives and give thanks for the gift of you. May all your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday Abner Nathanial

Love Mom & Big Brother

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Happy Birthday Abner

If grandson's came with labels attached yours would read


Happy Birthday Abner

Love Oma, Opa, CC & Uncle Darrow

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Gran Venta de Ropa

3 y 5 Lempiras Peiza

Lugar : Colegio Adventista

Fecha : Enero 16 (Domingo)

Horea : 8:00 am

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Happy Birthday Jake

From Gris, Kobe & Pam

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Fringe Salon

425 3745

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9 am - 1 pm / 2 pm - 6pm

Friday & Saturday

12 pm - 8 pm

Closed Wednesday & Sunday

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The Utila Methodist Bilingual Community College and School

Announces Pre-Matriculation

From Tuesday, Jan 11 through Friday, Jan 14

Place : UMCC

Time: 8 - 11 am


The UMCC has recruited several new teachers for the 2005 school year. Anyone interested in provinding reasonable rental housing to the teachers please submit your names and telephone numbers to us by calling the Internet Café (425 3124) between 9 am and 8 pm.

Thank you

Board of Management


La Escuela Methodisat Bilinque Anunica que a partier del Martes 11 de Enero hasta Jueves 14 de Enero estar a habierta la pre-matricula en la escuela Methodista

Lugar: UMCC

Hora: 8 - 11 am


La Escula UMCC ahora tienen profesores nuevos para el aňo 2005. Alguna persona interesada en rentar apartmentos o casas a maestros con precio racionable, por favor contactenos con su nombre y numero de telefono al Internet Café (425 3124) de 9 am - 8 pm.


Junta Directiva

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Gran Venta de Ropa

rapidamente usada se abre nuevo lote.

Lugar : Instutituto Adventista

Dia : Domingo 9 de Enero

Hora: de 9:00 am en adelante

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Fringe Salon

Grand Opening

Saturday January 8th

From 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Just before the Utila Community Clinic

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El Instituto "Adventista Utila"

Annuncia su periodo de matricula para el aňo escolar 2005

Fecha: Martes 11 de Enero en adelante

Hora: De 8:00 am a 12:00 meridiano

Requisitos para reingreso

 - Llenar la solicitud de matricula

 - Dos fotografias carnet (sin joyas)

Requisitos para primer ingreso

 - Llenar la solicitud de matricula

 - Dos fotografias tamaňo carnet (sin joyas)

 - Partida de Nacimiento

 - Tarjeta de salud

 - Certification de Estudio y de Conducta

 - Haber heco el examen de admision


El examen de Admision para primer ingreso sera el dia Lunes 10 de Enero a las 10:00 am.

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Colibri Hill Resort

Young, honest, superclean room maid wanted

Necesita joven, honesta, superlimpia Camarera

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Centro de Salud

Ya hay vacuna en el centro de salud para niňos de 2 meses en adelante.

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Colibri Hill Resort

Needs your help

We are looking for a unique name for our unique Restaurant.

Winner gets a Dinner for 2

Call 425 3329

Happy New Years


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