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22-Mar-2005  Robert Bouchard arriving at the Navy Pier Staten Island

The Robert Bouchard - Click to enlarge
Robert Bouchard arrives New York
(click to enlarge photo)
The Robert Bouchard - Click to enlarge
Robert Bouchard arrives New York
(click to enlarge photo)

These photographs were taken by the ATB Nicole Reinauer, as the boat, the Robert Bouchard, arrived in New York at Navy Pier Staten Island. This is the 55ft tug boat boat that Kelsey Cooper was on when he had his accident. (See Kelsey Cooper Accident news item for more details)
This News Item provided by

Richard Buckley
Reinauer Transportation Comapanies.
1983 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10302
Email : [email protected]
Tel : +1 718-816-8167  Fax: 718-816-4163  Cell: 917-335-7246

08-Mar-2005  Engineers Wanted
We are currently looking for experienced engineers, this is a union position and it requires you to join the union after being hired. The current salary is $352.41 per day, we don't pay travel, 401K retirement plans, medical and dental benefits. The schedule is two weeks on and two weeks off. Travel is reimbursed for crew change from New York to where the boat is at except crew changes in New York.
Please make sure you can document your work history and be able to pass drug test.
License is not required but would be helpful.
Any questions please give me a call or write me a line.

Reinauer Transportation Comapanies.
1983 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10302
Email : [email protected]
Tel : +1 718-816-8167  Fax: 718-816-4163  Cell: 917-335-7246

28-Feb-2005  Kelsey Cooper Accident
This News Item copied from PressofAtlanticCity.com

Tugboat engine room explodes off Seaside Heights; one injured
By REGINA SCHAFFER Staff Writer, (609) 272-7211

An engine-room explosion rocked a 50-foot tugboat located about nine miles off the coast of Seaside Heights on Sunday afternoon, sending one man to the hospital with burns, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
The tugboat, known by the name Robert J. Bouchard, was towing an empty oil barge off of Seaside Heights when an explosion in the engine room occurred at about noon Sunday, according to Petty Officer John Edwards. Edwards said the Coast Guard did not know early Sunday what exploded in the engine room or what may have caused the explosion.

Edwards did not have any information available on where the tugboat was coming from or where it was heading, but he did say the boat's home port was listed as New York City.
The boat may have been on a haul from New York to Virginia, Edwards said. "Tugs are a little different then normal cargo vessels," Edwards said.

Kelsey Cooper, a 35-year-old crewman, was injured with burns, Edwards said.

A total of six people were on board the tugboat. Cooper was airlifted by rescue helicopter to St. Barnabas hospital in Newark, the closest burn treatment center. The man's condition was not available. After the injured man was rescued, two crewmen remained on the oil barge to close it up, while three crewmen were on their way to the U.S. Coast Guard's Manasquan Station on Sunday afternoon, Edwards said.

The other five men were all uninjured. A rescue helicopter from the U.S. Coast Guard, Atlantic City Group Air Station, a 47-foot boat and a 23-foot boat, both belonging to the U.S. Coast Guard, and a New Jersey State Police boat all responded to the scene.
A good Samaritan boat also responded, Edwards said.
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24-Feb-2005  Adventist Church
The public in general are cordially invited to an hour of praise and thanksgiving for 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) Channels 37, 38.
Brother Danny Shelton (president) will be here with us.
Place: Adventist Church
Day: Saturday 26th
Time:: 8:00 pm
All are Welcome
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23-Feb-2005  Thank You
I want to sincerely thank all the people that voted for me and for an honest government for our island this past Sunday. I appreciate the confidence that you have shown in me. I also want to thank all of the people that worked so hard throughout our campaign and the election process.
Again a heartfelt thank you.
Harry D. Jackson
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20-Feb-2005  Aviso
Edwardo Orellana de Aseguradora Hondurena llega manana jueves. Estara agui hasta sabado.
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17-Feb-2005  Election Party
A todos loas habitantes de util se les comunica que la Fiesta del Casiono utileno sera hoy jueves apartir de las 8:00 pm en adelante por motivo de las elecciones intenas. No tendremos fiesta el sabado. Estan cordialmenta invitados no falten.
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15-Feb-2005  Cake Sale
Cake Sale tomorrow 16-Feb by the corner
Young Adults Sunday School Class
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13-Feb-2005  AVISO
A todos las personeas de la cumunidad utileno, que deseran realizo su examinar de la vista, la doctora sonia sormiento estara atendiendo loas dias sabado y domingo de febrero, en casa de Miss carleen munoz de 9:00 am a 4:00 pm. Valor del examien L 150.00
Los esperemos
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12-Feb-2005  Utila Methodist Community College & School
Blessing of the School Year Service at Mizpah Methodist Church on Sunday, February 13th at 6:30pm
Classes will begin on Monday 14th February at 7:00 am
Parents, Students, Teachers, Board Members and Friends are all invited to the 6:30 pm Service and the Inauguration exercises on Monday morning.
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12-Feb-2005  Roofing for Sale
Roofing white alu-zinc 348 ft & screws 12,000 lps
New Kohler toilet 3,000 lps
Call Bill Ch 22
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11-Feb-2005  Mizpah Methodist Church and UMCC Board, faculty and students
wishes to express it's sincere appreciation to
the team from Charlotte, SC
lead by Mrs Janet Rocky
Thnk you for all your hard work and support aND WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR STAY WITH US!
God Bless You.
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11-Feb-2005  Sale at Ione Bodden's House
9:00 - 4:00 Monday 14-Feb, Tuesday 9:00 - 2:00 15-Feb
Gifts for Valentines Day
Avon Perfume Sets
Stereo Cassette Tape Player
Men's Basketball Tennis Shoes size USA 10 1/2
Saving Private Ryan Videocassette
Children's shoes and Clothes, Adult Clothes
Jewelry, Hair Dye
plus a lot more...
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10-Feb-2005  Wanted Experienced Mariners
Unlimited Masters and Chief Engineers, Anchor handling experience only
Contact Robert 425 3323 ASAP
All paper work must be up-to-date
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9-Feb-2005    DSL Internet
Would you like high-speed DSL Internet at your home or business?
Our $198.00 installation promotion will be ending February 15th
Sign up today at Utila Telco to get your place reserved at this special price!
To those clients who have already signed up, the installations are starting this week.
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9-Feb-2005    Wanted
El Castillo Restaurant at Colibri Hill Resort
Waiter / Waitress
honest, fast and experienced, must speak english
Contact Franz or call 425 3329
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8-Feb-2005    UDSEC
UDSEC is formally inviting all Hotel Owners or their representatives to a meeting with UDSEC to discuss the future of Tourist Accommodations on Utila. Above the Utila Fire Station - Thursday 10-Feb-05 at 11:00 am.
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7-Feb-2005    Fringe Salon
Finge Salon now offers Pedicures and Manicures. 10% off the "Spa" Pedis and Manis till the end of the month.
Tel: 425 3745
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2-Feb-2005    The Liberal Party Rally
The Liberal Party is proud to invite the people of Utila to our "Great Political Rally" which will take place on Saturday Feb 4th beginning at 5:00 pm in Mr Frank's yard on the corner. There will be a big shrimp boil and drinks for everyone, also Live Music by "Sherman and the Boys" from Roatan. Speeches by our candidates will begin at 7:00pm.
Join us and have a great time.

El Partido Liberal Concentratión
El Partido Liberal tiene el honor de invitar al pueblo de Utila a nuestra "Gran Concentratión" comenzando 4 de Febrero a las 5:00 de la tarde en el sular de Mr Frank. Habra comida, bebidas y musica en vivo por "Sherman and the Boys" de Roatan. Discursos de los candidatos sera a las 7:00 pm.
Los esperamos y tiene una tiempo fantastico.
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1-Feb-2005    Utila Methodist College and School
Matriculation for the 2005 school year starts Thursday, February 3
Time: 8 am - 3 pm
Place: UMCC
Classes start Monday, February 14!
Students matriculating for the first time with the UMCC must provide a copy of their birth certificate and Tarjeta de Salud (blood type). Students transferring from another school must also provide their Traslado.

El Colegio y Escuela Methodista
Matricula para el aňo escolar 2005 comienza el dia Jueves 3 de Febrero
Hora: 8 am - 3 pm
Lugar: UMCC
Las Clases comienzan Lunes, 4 de Febrero!
Estudiantes Matriculando por primera vez con el UMCC debe proveer una copia de su Partida de Nacimiento y una copia de su Tarjete de Salud. Estudiantes que vienen de otros collegio deberan proveer su Respectivo Traslado.
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