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[originally published 6-Feb-2009 - Last updated 17-September 2014]

This page previously provided information about Utila Real Estate Agents, Utila Property Developers and their sub-divisions or developments, private For Sale by Owner listings, and other Utila Real Estate related information.

See 6-Feb-2009 for further explanation.

Update - 17-Sep-2014: While Mark Smith (Webmaster of AboutUtila.com) is also a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent living and working in Utila, he reports to and is an Agent of the RE/MAX Bay Islands Office located in Roatan. RE/MAX Bay Islands are in the process of expanding from Roatan to provide Real Estate services covering the entire Bay Islands of Honduras, and in some special cases the northern coast of Honduras, mostly in and around the city of La Ceiba. RE/MAX Bay Islands publishes a monthly Real Estate Newsletter containing both general Bay Islands news and Real Estate related news. You can subscribe (and unsubscribe) to this Newsletter - via this RE/MAX Bay Islands Real Estate Newsletter link. You can also subscribe to ad-hoc Bay Islands news bulletins via this RE/MAX Bay Islands News link.

Update - 11-Sep-2014: After years of avoiding any involvement with Facebook, (no spare time and his wife Julissa and daughter Kerrie driving him crazy with Facebook questions) Mark relented and now has a Facebook personal profile Mark Smith and a Facebook business page - RE/MAX Utila Real Estate Specialist - please Like & Follow his RE/MAX Utila Real Estate Specialist Facebook page.

Update - 1-Aug-2014: Julie Shigetomi joined the RE/MAX team in Utila. See her RE/MAX Real Estate Agent web site RealEstateInUtila.com, her Facebook personal profile is Julie Shig, and her Facebook business page is Re/Max Real Estate in Utila.

Update - 1-Jan-2014: After a significant improvement in the Utila Real Estate market following the 2008 global financial crisis, Mark (now with three Honduran children) returned to the Real Estate business as a RE/MAX Agent serving the Utila market, and has been extremely busy ever since (and regrettably still has no spare time to update the technology used for the AboutUtila.com web site). Please visit his RE/MAX Bay Islands - Utila Real Estate web site.

Update - 25-Jul-2011: For a variety of reasons - mostly lack of sales, Mark left The Utila Real Estate Company with plans to update and rebuild the AboutUtila.com web site. The Utila Real Estate Company went out of business about 2 months later, but as things turned out Mark was kept very busy with real estate related and other legal work for a variety of clients, many of whom wanted him to complete a resolution of their Title Deeds and real estate related issues he had begun working on while at The Utila Real Estate Company. Unfortunately this work kept him extremely busy and left little time to implement a long desired technology update to the AboutUtila.com web site. Note - Mark is not a Honduras Attorney nor does he have any legal qualifications, however in his previous employment back in the United Kingdom he became very experienced in negotiating multi-million dollar contracts is every experienced with the Honduras legal process and usually acts as 'project manager', liaising between the client (who is not normally resident in Honduras) and various Honduras Attorneys, especially since there are no practicing Honduras Attorneys resident in Utila.

6-Feb-2009: The AboutUtila.com web site supports the Municipality of Utila as a resource to publicize Utila as a tourist destination, and as such the Municipality allows this web site to use the ‘strap line’ “Official Web Site of Utila”. This web site is owned, supported and maintained solely by the WebMaster. All information is published at no charge to qualified Utila businesses and this web site does not accept any paid for advertising. All material is published solely at the discretion of the WebMaster.

After volunteering at the Utila Community Clinic for 5 or more years, the WebMaster (Mark Smith) found that he need additional funds to pay for the schooling of his two Honduran children, so in April 2008 he joined the The Utila Real Estate Company LogoThe Utila Real Estate Company. At that time there had been a growing conflict of interest between the competitive Real Estate information previously published on this page and his commitment to The Utila Real Estate Company LogoThe Utila Real Estate Company and as such the previous contents of this page have since been regrettably withdrawn.

Copyright © 2005-2015 Mark C Smith  All rights reserved.

The Webmaster (who lives here in Utila) tries to keep this information accurate and up-to-date.

If you are aware of any errors or inaccuracies, please email details to me at