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Utila Review and Travel Report

Diving Utila with Utila Lodge

Author: Chivas

Report Date: 31-Jan-2005

Utila trip report

I just returned from a great trip to Utila. Stayed at the Utila Lodge and I would highly recommend it. Everyone from the owners, Jim and Kisty, to Cpt Willie, Queen Ann, Marley and all the rest of the staff took very very good care of us. I read another post about safty issues and would not be the least bit concerned unless you are hell bent on doing something stupid in La Ceiba or San Pedro Sula. Because of the weather we could only get to the area where they see whale sharks 2 of the 6 days we dove. We did see one but all too briefly. Diving was very good. Vis was great, no current that was noticeable and the 3 night dives were really cool, I could watch the Octopus for hours. Lots of smaller fish but no larger ones. No sharks, not even the ever present sand sharks. I gained an appreciation of the life that exists in and around the coral. I had been so wrapped up in looking for sharks, rays, eels, etc that I didn't have much of an appreciation for the opposite end of the food chain that the reefs generate.
They love US dollars and don't like credit cards. Suggest you take $1's and $5's for tips and local purchases. Travelers Checks for hotel, etc.
I dove Nitrox and always got exactly what I requested. The tank fills averaged about 2,900 psi with a few at 2,750. I'd guess they don't fill to the max so that the tanks last a little longer. This posed absolutely no problem. Everyone had all the bottom time they wanted.
If I knew then what I know now I would seriously consider taking some courses from the Bay Island College of Diving (BICD). There are several shops on the island where you can further your education but this is the only one I had any exposure to. I watched their work ethic, spoke at length with Darcy and Peter, two of the Senior Instructors and talked to several of the students plus dove with Tom, our DM that graduated from BICD. Hard working dedicated group of professionals!! Add this to the fact the price is very favorable and the trip gets to looking better and better.
Utila Lodge has an honor system in the bar that treats the guests with respect plus unlimited access to the internet that allowed me to keep in touch with my 2 college age daughters and my wife, who gave me the trip as a Christmas present. God I love that woman!!!
Any ??? PM me and I'd be glad to help

This report originally posted on ScubaBoard.com on 31-Jan-2005
Re-published with the permission of the Author