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Fishing in Utila - Vacation Report

Fishing In Utila with Eco Fishing Adventures

Vacation Date: May 2007

Report Date: 28th May 2007

Author: Mike from Eco Fishing Adventures

Utila East Harbor
Utila East Harbor
Little Cay Beach
Little Cay Beach
Little Cay and reef
Little Cay and Little Cay Reef
Mike filming
Mike filming
Mike - Eco Fishing Adventures
Author: Mike
Kayak fishing
Kayak Fishing
Kayak in Canal
Kayaking up the Canal
Local fishing
Angel, Marney and Javier

Our latest adventure took us to the Caribbean island of Utila, the smallest of the three Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. Not nearly as well known as its larger neighbor, Roatan, Utila is a quaint island paradise positioned on the second largest barrier reef in the world. Warm, crystal clear water, teeming with colorful fish - this place was perfect for another unique Eco-Fishing Adventure.

We opted for the ferry to Utila, instead of waiting for our luggage to show up on the next flight. This turned out to be a pretty savvy move, as we didn't receive our bags until the following evening! We hooked up with Florian & Marian a couple of German guys at the airport, who came to visit there buddy Vito, working for Dr. John the local Doctor on the island. The hour ferry ride to Utila was pleasant, with warm breezes and numerous European backpackers chattering in a variety of languages.

Upon viewing the island in its entirety, it seemed larger than I expected. This was an eight miles long volcanic protrusion in the middle of a midnight blue expanse of ocean that morphed to emerald and then a lighter green as we closed in on the main dock. As we departed the boat, I spotted a small Honduran man holding a sign over his head to be seen above the taller tourists that said “Greg Johnson”. That being me, I figured he must be our host Javier. A wild ride through town in the the back of his taxi (truck) to get important supplies & groceries and Flora de Cana! (aged Rum)

We arrived at the west end of the island for a kayak fishing adventure, paddling down extremely narrow, twisting canals for over two hours.... did I say narrow? So narrow in fact that some of the places were 2 1/2 feet wide with only 7 inches in depth. We went about four miles through the center of the island surrounded by mangroves. it was hot and humid the shallow water was over a100 F. and there was no end to the heat. We paddled to the shade when we could and eventually we felt a small breeze , and the faint sound of the waves we knew we where close then around a few corners, the canal widened and we could see the white sand covered coconut beaches with no one visible for miles. (like a deserted island!)

We fished all day in 90 degree water, snorkeled and ate coconuts before returning through the mangroves with the rays of the setting sun poking through the branches spilling beams of light as we paddled back to the cabins with our catch.

Although my research convinced me that most of the folks on Utila spoke English, or at least a semblance of my native language that would make basic communication with the locals doable, Javier was a native Honduran who spoke “muy pocito ingles”. Javier and his wife Estella and there 4 children Erika, Jaylyn, Kenya , and our lil climbing monkey Marney where wonderful! The Boys fished with us often, and we had the privilege of celebrating Javier's Birthday with a great beach party and meet Javier's friends. Most memorable fellow we met at the party was Cowboy Bill , his family has been on the Island 7 generations. He raises cattle on his 300 acre ranch on the Utila Island and supplies the Beef in the Honduras. In a group by the fire light, we sipped Rum and listened to Bills stories of Utila and its history.

……… The adventure continues ………

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