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Morgan's Travel

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Morgan's Travel has been owned and operated by the Morgan family since 1960

With Morgan's Travel Agency, our team of agents speak both English and Spanish and have many years of experience in dealing with Central American and International Airlines, in addition to local aircraft charter companies, shipping companies, and Honduras national and regional airlines. We can satisfy all your Utila travel needs regardless of where in the world you are traveling from or traveling to.

Travel within Honduras and Central America can be problematic; with frequently changing schedules, difficulties in contacting airlines, and if Spanish is not your primary language - resolving problems can often be frustrating. Our extensive contacts within the industry and multi-lingual agents enables us to provide the most comprehensive services at the most competitive prices and solve almost any travel related problem should the need arise.

Conveniently located in the center of Utila next to the municipal dock, we are the first choice Travel Agency for backpackers arriving in, and departing from, Utila. Often backpacking tourists change plans and we help them reschedule their arrangements and obtain the best prices for their re-organized travel arrangements.

We are selected by the major Dive Shops and Resort Hotels in Utila because they know that when it comes to arranging travel packages for their guests, we can be relied upon to ensure that those guests (often traveling on a tight schedule), are provided with the lowest cost and most direct route to and from Utila, and that we can also rapidly cope with any last minute changes that may occur.

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Opening Hours:

Mon - Sat 8:00am to 12:00pm - 2:00pm to 5:30pm


At the Municipal Dock, opposite the Utila Princess Ticket office.

Contact Information


Frankie Morgan


+ (504) 2425 3161 (Honduras)  +(504) 2425 3166  (Honduras)   +(786) 623 4167 (Florida USA)


+ (504) 2425 3161 (Honduras)  +(504) 2425 3166  (Honduras)




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